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The Square Dance Radio Network provides entertaining and educational audio programming to promote and maintain the square dance activity.  We offer programming of common interest and general support to dancers, callers, and potential dancers.

Dayle Hodge

Dayle was introduced to square dancing over spring break in 1981. His parents took him to a dance to watch. Having been raised to recognize patterns, he was immediately drawn to the dancing and the caller. His parents took him home, gave him a book to learn the calls and took him to a dance the next night. He screwed up every call and repeatedly apologized to his partner. He went home and studied, and the next night went to another dance and “got it.”

Back at college, Dayle joined the local square dance club, The Knotty Pines, and met Norm Shaffor, a Pittsburgh area caller. Norm took Dayle under his wing and the two were inseparable for the next 3 years. They haven’t been able to pry the microphone out of Dayle’s hands ever since.

In 1984, Dayle moved to the Washington DC area and became the caller for several clubs.  At one memorable dance, Dayle took 20 seconds to change records between tips. When he turned around, everyone was squared up for the next tip. He immediately thought “Ah … my people!!” He’s been their club caller for the last 25 years.

Dayle has had the honor of calling at many national conventions starting in 1984.  He’s also called numerous fly-ins and weekends throughout the country. Dayle is the club caller for DC Lambda Squares and Baltimore’s Chesapeake Squares. He is a proud member of GCA and CallerLab.  Dayle calls Mainstream through C3B.

When not calling, Dayle loves hanging out with his 2 beautiful daughters Callie and Erin, his Girlfriend Kathy Z and his fun little puppy Kadon.

Barb Jarvis

Barb was introduced to square dancing in 1977 by a friend who thought she might enjoy the music. Well, she went to Fascinatin’ Singles and was hooked by not only the music but also the camaraderie, the puzzle-solving aspects, and the fun! After 10 weeks of beginner lessons and a few more to learn “Plus,” she became an avid dancer and has never looked back.

After moving up steadily through the various programs and levels of Modern Western Square Dancing, she currently dances at the C4 level with groups all around the U.S. She was a regular attendee of the National Advanced and Challenge Convention, the Canadian Challenge Convention, and has also danced in Europe, Japan, the National Convention, and two IAGSDC conventions. She is a member of two Chicago-area square dance clubs (Importers and Chi-Town Squares), belongs to a C4 workshop group, and attends AACE and several invitational C4 weekends.

Barb was married to Chicago-area square dance caller Lin Jarvis for over 15 years where she added years of beginner lessons, mainstream and plus dances, and hundreds of one-nighters (or “one-night stands” as Lin used to refer to them) to her dance repertoire. During square dancing’s glory days, she would often attend a C4 dance of the highest caliber on Saturday afternoon, and then tag along to one of Lin’s one-nighters on Saturday night where she’d help lead the Chicken Dance or the Macarena. She claims she’s the last C4 dancer to buy a big white crinoline. She was widowed in 2002.

When not dancing, you may find Barb working at a nearby public library, watching movies, riding roller coasters, eating pizza, or partaking in her favorite activity - visiting with family and friends.



Kadon started square dancing in 2002.  At first he thought he was all thumbs, but quickly realized he had none.  Kadon has been to national conventions, weekends, fly-ins and a host of dances.

Kadon is the official mascot of Kadon Enterprises.  You can visit his mascot page and peruse the beautiful works of art here.   Tell them I said hi.

Kadon works hard at sleeping, chasing deer, sleeping, eating, chasing turtles, sleeping, begging for table scraps, sleeping, chasing foxes, sleeping, and eating.  When not doing any of those things, you can find him sleeping.

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